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Correct Way in Hail Identification, Routine Inspection Protocol
“Tips On Entry-Level Candidates” 3 Positions One Can Pursue
Securing a Claims Adjuster Role
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Correct Way in Hail Identification,

Following Routine Inspection Protocol

Hail damage Identification | Performing a Thorough Inspection,

Write Scope in Xactimate Coding

Homeowners to Contractors





Homeowners First
  • This is a regular list item

  • I have created examples and have put together a collection of resources, which will help Homeowners,  assess their storm damage and or help them understand what is being explained to them. Giving homeowners a better understanding will help ensure what is being explained is correct.

    This e-Course will give them a better understanding on;

    • When a claim should be opened
    • If the hail damage being pointed out, really calls for a claim
    • Who to call  For an unbiased assessment
    • How to maximize what the policy outlines in their benefit

    Remember: Picking the right person to assess damage before filing a claim is crucial.

    I cannot count how many times agents referred a Roofing Co. to homeowners,

    Roofing Co. would say "yes, open a claim"

    Only to have adjuster come out,

    and see no hail damage.

     All claims can count against you; Meaning: If you had a claim opened and your adjuster saw no damage, that would be a claim. Or your contractor opened a claim on your behalf and there was no damage, that would be a claim. Some carriers drop insured's after 3 claims in so many years.

     Before you or someone else files a claim,  Know your deductible ?

    All Homeowners should be able to understand the concept of what insurance carriers consider hail damage vs cosmetic damage vs old hail damage vs weather/maintenance issues.

    { As homes age, regular maintenance becomes essential }

      All Homeowners   Know if you have coverage for building code upgrades, Meaning: If you do not have endorsement  OL which is Ordinance and Law coverage . These mandatory code upgrades will  not be covered

    Correct Way in Hail Identification

    Hail Damage Identification is crucial for homeowners and contractors. Routine inspection protocols help ensure thorough checks. Homeowners must understand the claims process and their policy for maximum coverage. Proper knowledge of hail damage vs. cosmetic damage and building code upgrades is essential.

    Following Routine Inspection Protocol

    This course provides templates and resources to help Roofing Assessors, Adjusters, P.A'S and Contractors to assess and scope storm damage accurately. Before telling the policy holder to file a claim, knowing the deductible is crucial. Incorrect claims can count against the Policy Holder, potentially leading to policy cancellation after multiple claims.

    Homeowners to Contractors

    Homeowners should understand what insurance carriers consider hail damage vs. other types of damage. Regular maintenance and knowing if you have coverage for building code upgrades is vital. Usually, there is a two-year period from the date of loss to file a claim and 18-24 months to complete the work.

    Safety Protocols

    Safety is the number one priority. This course includes videos on ladder safety, covering essential techniques for safely climbing and scoping roofs. Also a Rope'N'Harness Chapter along with scattered information on safety throughout. Understanding and implementing these practices can prevent accidents and ensure a thorough inspection.

    Accurate Hail Identification


    Learn how to accurately identify hail damage versus Other Than Hail (OTH) damage. The course provides detailed resources, including video tutorials, to help you differentiate between types of damage and avoid mistakes in your assessment.

    Xactimate Reports and Templates

    The course includes a template or cheat sheet for the most commonly used Xactimate codes . This ensures that your scope sheet is prepared correctly, making it easier for anyone to write an estimate. Detailed resources for water remediation and interior drying estimates are also provided.

    Storm Damage Evaluation

    Understanding storm damage evaluation is key to getting accurate claims processed. This course offers insights into inspecting various materials and confirming the presence of hail damage through tutorials, imagery and explanations of each step to perform in order to make the correct assessment.

    Recession-Proof Career

    Adjusting is a recession-proof career. Learn three different avenues to become an adjuster and the equipment needed for Rope'N'Harness activities as well as everything else you need while out in the field. This course offers a comprehensive approach to ensure you are well-prepared for property inspections.

    Homeowners & Knowledge

    This course helps homeowners determine if damage warrants a claim. Providing the right information ensures they proceed correctly, using their policy to their benefit. Templates and routines provided in the course help avoid overlooking any damage.

    Start Your Journey Today

    Enroll now to gain essential knowledge on hail damage identification, inspection routines, rope'N'harness, ladder safety, exterior inspections, roof inspections and safety protocols. This course is designed to empower you with the skills needed for a successful and safe inspection.

    Follow the link below and sign up for the whole course or per lesson if need be.

    The course and all downloadable information in the form of PDF's will be sent to your inbox.

    • Usually, 2 Years is given From (D.O.L) Date Of Loss, To File a Claim

    • I often advise insureds to heed my suggestion and wait before filing claims until storm season ends. Yet, they usually rush into repairs, Without thinking about incurring a 2nd deductible. In my days out on storm, I have noticed that storms usually hit in the same place during a season.

    Contractors | Roofers

  • Below, A List of Resources/Teachings Within This Course 

    Safety #1

    This course will also provide; Template or cheat sheet if you will, on the most commonly used Xactimate codes, helping you write your scope sheet in code. If the scope sheet is prepared this way. Any of your constituents  would have no problem taking the scope and writing the estimate.

    Video Outlining Interior

    Furthermore, this course includes a video dedicated to interior ceiling scope, covering precise measurement techniques. We also address composing a standard Xactimate write-up for water leak repairs

    Conversation Script

    This course also includes scripts to guide you in initiating conversations with homeowners and provides you with effective closing scripts. You will see this in "Rope'N'Harness" video and in exterior inspection video.

    Accurately Distinguish, Hail & O.T.H.

    It offers detailed and invaluable resources, including instructional videos that will equip them with the expertise to accurately distinguish between hail damage and  "Other . Than . Hail" damage (OTH).

    Insights on Life-Saving Measures

     This course includes informative videos and accompanying notes focused on "Ladder Safety." It covers fundamental techniques like ascending and descending roofs, along with correct procedures for transporting, assembling, and disassembling ladders. Moreover, the course provides vital insight that could prove to have life-saving measures.

    Confirming The Presence of Hail

    Furthermore, the course offers essential insights on how to effectively confirm the presence of hail damage through tutorial videos and imagery . It guides participants with valuable tips on inspecting various materials within a home to accurately identifying potential damage to exterior building materials. 

    We Provide 3 Ways to Work

    I share 3 different avenues to take in order to perform as an adjuster, it's up to you to get it done. This Is One Job,That Does Not Rely On The Economy.  It's "Recession Proof!" Actually, it has been said, "in the last days, there will be an increase in weather".

    Go Through Equipment Needed

    We offer a comprehensive list of essential equipment required for Rope'N'Harness activities, along with the necessary resources to ensure a productive day during property inspections.

    Example of 1-2" Flood

    Also an outline on interior water remediation of 1"-2" and the common write up in Xactimate. Additionally, we guide you on what to incorporate into an interior drying estimate, specifically focusing on HEPA filters and fans.

    Homeowners & Knowledge

    This course or detailed resources also talks to  Homeowners and how they determine if the present  damage is worth submitting a claim, if you leave it up  to someone else to decide. They may not have your best interest at hand. Homeowners: This provides you with the information needed in determining if a claim is warranted. If it is then, how you should proceed. Keeping in mind to utilize your carriers policy, to your benefit.

    Provide Templates to Follow

      This course has great detailed resources for CTR's and their employee's and homeowners, This will provide them with templates to follow, performing an inspection or just assessing your own home.

    Helping Create a Routine

    This course will also provide them with a routine to follow, So they won't overlook any damage, establish a routine to follow on every claim.  

    • This Our training and templates, sourced from an "Independent X State Farm Adjuster."

      Offers detailed guidance on identifying hail damage to roofing materials.

      Gain insight into insurance carriers' expectations for adjusters and or roofing assessors, this in turn will

      increasing your success rate in: 

      1) Spot-on Hail Identification,                           

      2) Climbing and Scoping Roof Substrate                   

      3)  Insider Tips and Tricks from Upper Management,       

      4) Supplement Payments            

      5)  Understanding Expected Protocol   

      6) Creating a routine for every inspection

    • I Provide Essential Information on How Insurance Carriers

      Evaluate Storm Damage and Show You How to Properly

      Inspect Shingles, Giving The Homeowner The Right 

      Answer, The First Time.

    The Most Crucial Information Regarding

    Hail Identification and Completing a thorough inspection,

    are in these resources/lessons

    Letters from homeowners below,
    substantiates my proficiency in,
    The whole Claims Handling Process
    • This is an icon list item

    Letters/Emails, Statements on Course Instructor. This Provides Insight on His Conduct and Years as an Adjuster.

    Insured, Writes Agent

    letter from homeowner

    The Note above says, 

    I wanted to pass along a nice comment from a customer regarding the service that Eli Krebs Provided. The Policyholder, from Lexington, wrote a short note to Eli stating "Thank you for your prompt attention to my claim. I just wanted you to know that Eli is doing a nice job with our customers here in Kentucky.

    Enroll in The Course or Lesson
    Additional Letter Stating Mr. Krebs Performed a Thorough Inspection
    2nd letter from insured to management
    Typical Month and how many claims Eli closed per day

    Typical Month while on storm and how many claims I closed per day.

    Shows My Home State Lic

    Home State License

    Above, Insured wanted to let Mr. Krebs know how well he handled his claim and was very pleased.

    3rd letter from homeowner on Elis good job

    Thanks for delivering great service to our clients and their policyholders. We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication on this assignment and in years past. It is very refreshing to see notes commending your performance, especially from your Team Manager and the Section Manager over the storm. Keep Up The Good Work!

    Certified in Flood, In 1997

    Flood Certified in 1997

    Image 2 answer the question, is this hail or not

    Example of What's in a Lesson

    Everyone, What do you think this is;

    •  Hail Damage
    • No Damage at All
    • Weathering/Defective
    • O.T.H. Other Than Hail
    • Cosmetic Damage

    The answer is...This is a proven method in helping roofers, Roof Sellers, Contractors wanting to give their employees a crash course, or homeowner wanting to learn about the whole process or just know how to identify hail for your own home. 

    Maybe you want to become an adjuster, this is an excellent

    way to get your foot in the door and know what it is to know, in performing a property inspection. 

    Meet The Conveyer

    Eli Thomas Krebs

    Mr Krebs has always been the person to initiate, in order to get a response or to solve the problem at hand. He has always been a leader, h e also knows when to defer to those with more experience to gain extra insights  on the topic at hand.

    "Follow us to the "About-Page" there you can learn where he received his training. He provides you with a blue print on getting started in the world of adjusting, in edition to  fostering a positive workflow. Now it's all up to you, let's get it done!

    ... see you on the inside!"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the refund policy?

    If you come out of the lesson, not learning a thing, within 5 days

    we will refund you 100%

    Can I just enroll in a single course?

    Yes! To get started, click the course card that interests you and enroll. You can enroll and complete the course to earn a shareable certificate that shows how many recorded hours were achieved with this course.

    Is the pricing fair?

    The price is more than fair, our price cross analysis has told us, the price

    should be between $350-$550 per lesson, we found that going with our lower price plan will help people get started in the right direction. We want everyone to walk away, knowing they received a super deal. This is why I have decided to attach most of the content within course as PDF's.

    What are you teaching exactly?

    "We bring learning to life through dynamic videos and vivid image explanations. Immerse yourself in a real inspection, from analyzing images of hail to dissecting roofing materials. Discover what to spot and how to assess damage. Gain the confidence you need to make the call. Plus, we provide handy templates to accompany you on inspections, ensuring you don't overlook any damage and maintain an organized routine."

    Is this course really 100% online? and will we have any type of final test?

    "This course is fully online, allowing you to learn from the comfort of your own space. As your final task, take the opportunity to put your knowledge to the test. Approach a friend or family member who owns a home and express your interest in inspecting their roof, elevations, and interior for any visible damage they may be concerned about. Treat it like a real insurance claim, and practice your opening and closing conversations with P.H. It's a win-win scenario: you gain practical inspection experience, and they receive a thorough storm damage assessment."

    Can you give us a little more insight on what I will walk away with?

    Watch the videos as many times as necessary within 12 months, and read the PDF's over. You'll learn:

    • How to identify damage type, hail detection tricks.
    • Roof and exterior diagramming/scoping.
    • Insurance hail criteria.
    • Safe ladder climbing and setup.
    • Use inspection templates to avoid over sight.
    • Learn routine to avoid missing damage.
    • Perform test squares on roofs, and more.
    •  Plus much more


    Start Your Journey Today

    Enroll Now

    "Our course is designed to empower you with the specific knowledge and skills you need,

    whether it's Ladder Safety , Rope'N'Harness techniques , Interior and Exterior assessments ,

    or Water Remediation . You have the flexibility to choose the resources that suit

    your immediate goals. However, we always encourage you to consider

    the full course for a comprehensive learning experience.

    ~Giving Away: Pair of Field Socks With Full Enrollment~

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