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Where Did Mr. Krebs Gain His Knowledge


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Hello, I grew up in Mead, Colorado and went to Skyline High School, Graduated in

1993, I have witnessed several miracles in my time, leading me to know the one true

God, Jesus Christ. If it wasn't for him, I would not be the person I am today.

I became a journeyman plumber at the age of 19. Working with my father,

starting in the 7th grade. By the time I was 19, I started running jobs, reading plans

and doing payroll. My mother's side of the family was in the recessionproof/adjusting business. My 

Grandpa Gene's father, my Great Grandfather was an adjuster and then so did his son

become an adjuster. My Grandpa had a son named Kirk Eberl and he grew up wanting

more than to be just an adjuster.

    You see, he had a lot of friends and they all became adjusters. Pretty soon, my Uncle

Kirk had a small army of adjusters that would go where ever he did. Meaning, if he ask 

them they would answer. So him and my Grandpa Gene decided to walk up to the largest 

insurance firm, "State Farm" and see about having his business be subcontracted the next

big storm hits. Telling State Farm, "you don't want to have to have X amount of adjusters on

payroll, just so you can cover the next load of claims hurricane season produces." They 


   So in 1997 I went to my first conference Eberl's Claim Service held. Becoming certified

in flood and gaining CE credits on, "wind, wind & Hail, large loss, coverage C & dwelling

extension. I continued my training, performing ride alongs up until 2004 where I got my

first big brake when "Hurricane Frances" hit Jupiter Florida. I worked my first storm which

started as being paid for stand by in August. I was there until the middle of May. 

  I got married in Singer Island and I fathered a baby girl, all on my first storm. Since then,

I have been on 6 Hurricanes and over 33 hail storms, 2 Ice storms, 1 Derecho and 1 Micro Burst.

I have done my fair share of claims, each storm at a minimum of 120 claims to over 333 claims

per storm. So when it comes to insurance recessionproof/adjusting, I know what I am saying and I know where

to cut corners and where not to.

  I hope you take what I teach you and apply it to a new carreer or just learn to identify hail.

So that you don't have claims open that should not have been opened, thus creating a higher

premium for your household.